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Varun Polymers GmbH is the premier rubber recycling/reclaimation company with history back in 2007 in various products and services. We have invented & manufacturer of new premium quality Rubber De-vulcanization Chemical: AmR-NHRDe078 De-Vulcanization catalyst and and AmR-NHRMo053 Rubber Modifier. Our Rubber De-vulcanization chemicals gives outstanding results in terms of tensile, elonga-tion and modulus and is a unique invention for the recycling of NR & SBR rubber compounds. Our expertise is in natural rubber, butyl rubber, EPDM, synthetic rubber de-vulcanization and conventional reclaimation.

We, Varun Polymers GmbH work for the quality of our product and
satisfaction of the customer and been doing it successfully for more
than 20 years. We have this pledge to make future brighter and
beautiful as ever for the generation to come.

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